My passion for PostNord

PostNord wanted to build a new way to commit to and understand its mission: to deliver post and parcels.

The Mission

PostNord wanted to build a new way to commit to and understand its mission: to deliver post and parcels. We were commissioned by PostNord, and therefore we created the "My Passion" concept.

My Passion was born after PostNord wanted to find a modern way to build commitment to and understanding of its mission. To carry out the assignment, we considered the emotional value of things – the collection. A collection which is more than a hobby or an obsession with owning many things, a collection that is a driving force, making the most of what is important in one's life, a matter of having a passion.

Passionate collectors

In the project, Borg Owilli considered that there is an emotional value in every package that PostNord delivers. The result was a four-part web series in which we meet four people and hear them talk about their collections and, at the same time, highlight the central role of PostNord in enabling them to follow their passion. In the series we follow Viktor who has one of the world's leading collections of jeans, Anna-Clara with a substantial collection of 19th and 20th century period fashion, Heidi and her 7,000 video games and Ulrika, who has filled her house with ceramics. The web series was published on a campaign page on, YouTube and on linear television.


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The web series was put together on the campaign page, specially designed for the project. On this page you can also read longer interviews with all the participants, tips on how best to pack items when they are to be posted and the collectors' top tips on getting started with their own collection – amongst many other things.
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