Finansfördomar med Emil Persson

About the podcast

Prejudices. We all have them. And don't we love them? It's a comfortable security to put people in boxes. A profession that often falls into this box is economists in the banking and finance world. But have all the banking wolves really chosen a job in finance for the high salary? And is it true that accountants are as boring as people think?

In the podcast "Finansfördomar" (Finance Prejudices), host Emil Persson takes the temperature of the country's economists by grilling them with prejudices about their industry, workplace, and colleagues. It is the perfect platform for employers who want to debunk myths about the finance industry and communicate about their workplace in an accessible and innovative way. Here, as an employer, you get the opportunity to create awareness about your business in an unconventional way and attract curious talents in a highly competitive market.


Target audience and host

The host of "Finansfördomar" is Sweden's biggest prejudice mogul – journalist and podcast personality Emil Persson. Emil is best known for his podcast "Fördomspodden", where he tests his preconceived ideas on famous people. He also has many years of experience in television and has been a producer and editor for Filip and Fredrik's news program "Breaking News" and developed the program idea for the hit show "Alla mot alla".

"Finansfördomar" is primarily aimed at students and young professionals who are in the early stages of their careers or who want to take the next step in the finance industry. However, the recognition humour also allows older employees and potential candidates outside the primary target audience to relate and be attracted to the content of the episodes.


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