Småbolagspodden with Emma Hedman

About the podcast

Småbolagspodden (The Small Cap Podcast) is one of Sweden's fastest-growing podcasts focusing on savings and investments. This is the podcast that allows investors to get to know Swedish small-cap companies beyond prospectuses, offering memorandums, press releases, and financial reports.

In each episode, host Emma Hedman from Unga Aktiesparare (Young Shareholders) interviews the people behind the ideas and visions of these companies to answer the question: "Why should I invest in this company?"


Target Audience & Host

Småbolagspodden is hosted by Emma Hedman, who currently leads Unga Aktiesparare's educational efforts targeting high schools - an initiative aimed at increasing knowledge about stocks and funds in school education. Her extensive interest in finance has been long-standing, and she considers herself to know "a little about a lot" in the industry. Therefore, she is particularly curious to delve into small-cap companies.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who trade stocks.

  • Individuals with an interest in stocks.

  • Various roles within asset management.

  • Industry professionals (companies and individuals within the same industry).


Listen to the latest episode

You can also find Småbolagspodden on Apple Podcaster and Libsyn.

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