Salong Ett

About Salong Ett

Salong Ett is the podcast about current films and everything happening at the cinemas right now. Through the podcast, listeners are invited into the dramatic world of the cinema and get to participate in both broad and in-depth conversations about everything that takes place both on and behind the silver screen.

The podcast is hosted by cultural journalist Ayan Jamal, who, together with guests, discusses cinema films in-depth and in breadth. We meet screenwriters, actors, and other film enthusiasts in conversations about current films in both the Swedish and international scenes.
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About the Production

For a cinema-goer, the sound is one of the most important aspects of the experience. And the audio format has previously been largely unexplored when it comes to cinema and film. Salong Ett was born out of a passion for film and cinema, as well as for podcasting as a format. The idea and execution are carried out by Borg Owillis creatives and Studio Olga, the production company known for P3 ID and P3 Musikdokumentär, among others.


Audio production
Concept development and strategy
Content production
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