Chansa smartare


When Fondo came to us, it was with a desire to increase understanding of their offering, awareness of their own brand, and ultimately the entire mutual fund industry's self-confidence.

In an ideal world, we would therefore combine these three values into one campaign. But how? To answer that question, we started by examining existing communication on the subject in the hope of finding where the industry had gone wrong. It soon became clear that the communication largely consisted of messages about prices and fees, but rarely talked about the actual function of funds.

"Chansa Smarter" (Take smarter chances) is a concept that seeks to return to the raison d'être of mutual funds. A kind of justification that allows the recipient to rediscover the function of funds in the light, or perhaps rather the shadow, of our contemporary overconfidence in both the stock market and our ability to predict its development.

Acknowledging risk is "chansa smarter"

Without acknowledging the existence of risk, how can we relate to it in an investment context? The more we asked ourselves that question, the clearer it became that it was central to what we were trying to achieve. In a world where we ignore risk, we not only lose control of our investments but also the understanding of why the mutual fund industry is needed. It therefore made sense for Fondo to act as the sender of the message "Chansa Smarter", which encourages continued investing but with risk awareness as an ever-present tool.

Launch and Results

The "Chansa Smarter" campaign was launched in May 2022 and was visible in print, digital, and public environments. Already in the first week, it spread to online forums and social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. The first ad with the inverted warning text was called "a sign of our times", among other things, and the reactions confirmed our thesis; in an industry where risk is constantly present, Fondo will always fulfil a vital function.
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