Account Based Marketing

Focused digital processing of your most important customers (new and existing)

Reach selected target companies with tailor-made messages

Account Based Marketing (ABM) uses the techniques of IP-controlled advertising to reach specifically chosen target companies with tailor-made messages. The messages, which are distributed through display advertisements on premium sites, are only shown to the selected target company and its employees, with a message designed specifically for the people you want to reach.

ABM is suitable for those who:

  • Can select specific target companies where you see great potential in terms of revenue 

  • Have a physical sales plan for your target companies that can be "copied" by marketing

  • Have a marketing and sales department that is working towards the same goal: closing the deal


Synchronisation of Sales and Marketing

With Account-Based Marketing, you synchronise sales and marketing to work strategically at all times towards the company's highest priority targets. You will have full insight into and control over how the marketing budget is invested; that is, only towards those companies and target groups that are of interest to you. In addition, you get valuable sales and market insight about which companies you should devote time and focus to and where you should not lay out resources.


Account Based Marketing as a service (not a distribution solution)

BO offers ABM as a "service"; which means that our customers do not have to spend time learning a new system or installing new software. Nor, as a customer, do you have to spend hours on producing advertisements or presentations to track performance. We carry out the whole ABM plan for you – to achieve the goals we have decided on together.

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