Ingenjörsfördomar with Emil Persson

About the show

Do engineers have any social skills? Do their mothers still buy their clothes for them? And how well do they really take care of their hygiene? Yes, there are many stereotypes about engineers and their workplaces.

Ingenjörsfördomar (Engineer Stereotypes) is the perfect platform for employers who want to debunk myths about the engineering profession and communicate about their workplace in a way that stands out from other employer branding campaigns. The first season was a big success and has gained good traction and attention in the industry. In Ingenjörsfördomar, as an employer, you get the opportunity to build interest in an unconventional way and create an edge over other companies in a highly competitive market. Moreover, the material is useful for a longer period of time. Each season has a limited number of spots, and participating companies can book their own episode.


Target audience and host

Target audience
Ingenjörsfördomar is primarily aimed at students and young professionals in the early stages of their careers or looking to take the next step. In addition, older employees and potential candidates may also be able to relate.

The host of Ingenjörsfördomar is perhaps Sweden's foremost stereotype maker – journalist and podcast personality Emil Persson. Emil is most well-known for his podcast "Fördomspodden", where he tests his preconceived notions about famous individuals. He also has years of experience in the TV industry and has been a producer and editor for Filip and Fredrik's news program "Breaking News" and came up with the concept for the successful show "Alla mot alla".


This is included

  • A web show of approximately 10 minutes, tailored for YouTube and Linkedin.

  • Content tailored for social media distribution.

  • Advertising via social media (with Engineer Stereotypes as the sender).

  • Organic posts on Ingenjörsfördomars' Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Utskick med Sveriges Ingenjörers nyhetsbrev till förbundets 160 000 medlemmar

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