For our defence

Mission and background

On behalf of Saab, a Swedish aerospace and defence company, Borg Owilli has produced the YouTube series “Till vårt försvar” (For our defence). In six episodes, the series examines the role of the military and defence industry in a free and democratic society like Sweden – and raises some uncomfortable questions in the process. For instance, is it even possible to preserve peace by military means and the use of force?

Increase knowledge about the defence industry

The series – which is hosted by the Swedish journalist Ebba Kleberg von Sydow – raises complex issues such as peace through diplomacy and defence, and what we are actually trying to defend in Sweden.

Saab’s operations are portrayed in an objective way. In-depth interviews with civilians and people who work with defence and security create a good balance between internal and external perspectives. “Till vårt försvar” seeks to increase the target group’s awareness about the defence industry’s mission and contribute to an open and inclusive discussion.


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Borg Owilli’s mission was to, through a web series in six parts, reach a target group consisting of men and women aged 25-35. The target group’s knowledge about the defence industry has been determined to be relatively low. At the same time, they are the most open minded in regard to the sector and want to learn more. Therefore, the objective was to provide information so that people within this group can form their own fact-based opinions on the subject.

One of Borg Owilli’s guiding principles throughout the project was that Saab, just like any other company, should be scrutinized and examined.
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