Essential Talks for Essity

In the podcast "Essential Talks", Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company, conducts a global dialogue about the close relationship between hygiene, health and wellbeing.


Essity issues the annual "Essentials Initiative Survey", a report based on a survey conducted worldwide. The company has previously experienced a problem in making the public aware of the report and its contents. Our mission was to explore various concepts and formats to communicate Essity's core concerns and generate interest in the report. The concept/format must appeal to an audience of highly educated individuals, B2B customers/distributors and decision makers/media/influencers.

A conversation about taboo topics

The focus of the podcast series "Essential Talks" has been to talk about hygiene and health-related topics that have carried a stigma, in order to remove the underlying taboos around these areas. The presenter, Thomas Henley, meets people all over the world and discusses topics such as menstruation, incontinence, hygiene and how the corona pandemic has affected our attitude towards hygiene and health. Here the focus is on arousing interest, educating the listener and influencing decision-makers about Essity's core concerns.

It has been important to convey a feeling that was a mix of seriousness, enjoyment and information with high production values. In this way, we created an experience that the public wants to listen to and to share with their friends around the dinner table.


Podcast production
Content Marketing
Concept development and strategy
Distribution (globally)


The podcast was distributed on social media, through native articles and in sponsored spots on global podcast networks. Among these were the American podcast Today Explained and the Swedish network Acast.
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